Monday, October 25, 2010

Only in Portland - My New Girl Rachel!

Stopped at my Plaid Pantry (7-11) last night to buy some snacks...See a woman, almost on her knees, punk girl, black leather, tattoos, pins, boots, stockings & garters, standing rather rigid, struggling to pull a case of beer out of the cooler...*Hot*...Being the gentleman I am, I offer to help. She says, "Thanks! I'm bound and in a corset, so this is hard." Her boobs fall out, I maintain my composure and carry her case of beer to the counter. She then announces to the whole store: "I hate men!!!  Except for YOU!" And she turns around and kisses me!  I think I'm in love!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something for Everyone at this Car Wash

It's a hot, sunny, lazy afternoon. I mean, what better time for a quiet stroll around the neighborhood, right? But no. I hear a megaphone and see about 20 half-naked Starky's patrons (my local GLBT establishment) struttin' and washing cars, tossing balls to people for the dunking booth, and just having a gay old time. Raising money for their brethren in the US Armed Forces and for Veterans.
Right on!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Now boarding...

I fly a lot for work and I have a game I play at airports when I fly back to Portland. I keep my gaze down and don't look for my gate number. Instead, I scan the people at each gate and look for the weirdest people I see - and that'll be the gate for Portland! It never fails! I knew I was at the right gate when I saw this lovely dreaded chap in his "hiker-boy" jacket! And smelled the patchouli! He reeks of the West Coast!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Runnin' with The Devil...

I always loved that Van Halen song. Much to my delight, I hear it coming through my bedroom window, sounding like it's off in the distance. Now it's getting closer and louder, and I can almost feel the bass. I have to get up and take a look. It was the Devil! Really. A guy clad in a fire-red devil suit, from horns to forked tail, is running down my sidewalk, with a two-foot long super bass boombox on his shoulder, blaring that awesome song! I grabbed my sneaks and camera, but I couldn't catch him, cuz he was Runnin' with The Devil! Nothing unusual about that, right?